Taraweeh 2012


Once again the blessed month of Ramadan returns, all praise be to Allah.

  • Cumnor house school has been very kind and allowed us the use of the main school hall for Taraweeh
  • Please be reminded the school has no facility for making ablution and you should arrive in Wudu
  • We have secured 4 reciters and insh’Allah look forward to an excellent month
  • Please walk, cycle or car share as a last resort
  • Sadly we are unable to accommodate sisters this year due to space
  • Inhs’Allah we will get our planning appeal approved, prayers will move to PICC with space for sisters

Should you have any questions please use the ‘suggestion’ form in the menu above.

Cumnor House, 168 Pampisford Road, South Croydon, Surrey, CR2 6DA

Jazak-Allah Khayr
- “May Allah reward you with goodness”